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Your Spanish is important to us

Our goal is to make learning Spanish as easy as possible for you and for it to be enjoyable at the same time. For those of you who have studied at ISLA, it gives us great pleasure to see that you have learnt new things that you can apply to everyday conversations. To see your expressions of satisfaction at being able to say what you want to say in Spanish, with difficulty at first, but bit by bit finding it easier as your confidence grows. Asking people things in the street, chatting with your flatmates or your Spanish host family, reading the newspaper and watching movies in Spanish. Earning the approval of your teachers and classmates in Spain and impressing your family and friends when you go home with your new knowledge. So it’s no surprise that this page’s domain is Its mission is to keep you improving your Spanish, whether you have studied with us or not and we will help you in any way we can. You can use the online consultation service, the online learning resources, fun games and take Skype lessons.

Latest Spanish Learning Tips from ISLA

Si miras algo en Wikipedia utiliza la versión española.
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Puedes ver películas o leer libros en versión española, que antes ya viste o leíste en tu lengua materna. Así conoces la historia y el contexto y te resultará más fácil entenderlo y captar palabras nuevas.
Yvonne Hero
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Mi profesor me ha recomendado decir "chisme" si no sé el nombre de algún objeto
Mary Coe
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